i-DEVICES for MAC and PC


This device will allow you to repeat mantras on a perfectly regular rhythm, the primary condition which is required for them to be effective. Perfect regularity is necessary to create potent synchronizations in the brain, when practicing auditory, visual or cenesthesic rhythmic thinking.

The energy of these synchronizations accumulates and thoughts acquire an unusual power. That energy is manifested in the form of visions and can be transmitted very easily by telepathy. It also triggers out of body experiences thanks to the amplification of cenesthesic sensations.

The MANTRATRON improves the practice of all the exercises of rhythmic thinking.

XP - Vista - Windows7 - Ref.: AMA_PC
MAC ppc (10.4/5) - Ref.: AMA_MACPPC
MAC intel (10.5/6/7) - Ref.: AMA_MACINTEL
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Quartz Alternophon, tragbar mit digitaler Flüssigkeitsanzeige kontrolliert durch einenMikroprozessor.

Gerät zum alternativen Hören, bei dem Rhythmus und Lautstärke einstellbar sind.

Zur Vorbereitung von Prüfungen und zur Verbesserung des Gedächtnisses. Bereicherung von Meditationsthemen.
Für den Einsatz bei allen Übungen zum rhythmischen Denken, besonders wirksam durch das Einbringen zusätzlicher Energie in die Gehirnmasse, was die neurologischen Verbindungen stark anregt.

Durch Batteriebetrieb ist das Gerät autonom und lässt sich durch den mitgelieferten kleinen Transformator übers Netz aufladen. Dieses Gerät hat zahlreiche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, z.B. in der Universität, wo es hilft, sich leichter an die Vorlesungen zu erinnern, aber auch beim Spazierengehen oder während man sich bei einem Urlaub auf dem Lande erholt.

Über eine entsprechende Buchse kann man es an eine Stereoanlage oder einen Walkman anschliessen, um seine Vorlesungen oder Musik zu hören.

Durch die von einem Mikroprozessor gesteuerte Flüssigkristallanzeige lassen sich die Rhythmen mit sehr grosser Genauigkeit einstellen, sodass jeder dieses benutzerfreundliche Gerät leicht bedienen kann.
Mit Stereo-Kopfhörer.

(vgl: Geistige Entfaltung durch alternatives Hören. Ref.: L04 und Chromos Nr2. Ref.: LC02).

XP - Vista - Windows7


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Produces the awakening of Kundalini, along with all the benefits that this energy brings. Sets into motion the subtle energies which provoke Kundalini.

The i-Gyrascope includes:

a SOFTWARE with 7 levels and 32 working modes.

When it is stimulated, awakened and maintained, the mysterious energy called Kundalini, immortalized and mythified by yoga enthusiasts, provokes particular states of consciousness that give access to a higher spiritual perception.

If you are aware of the law of rhythms that governs cerebral activity, it is easy to trigger the rise of that energy. Once you have fully grasped that principle, you will realize that you do not need a „guru‟ and you will free yourself from entrenched prejudices that are only based on a wrong understanding and a „poetizing‟ of the phenomena.

Practicing gyroscopic meditation produces the accumulation and the release of neurological rhythms, whether in a waking state or during sleep, provoking the rise of Kundalini, in a safe and fully-conscious manner.

Practicing with the virtual Gyrascope considerably amplifies your rhythms and, through that process, intensifies all latent phenomena.

It is ideal for persons who cannot perform visualizations, an essential condition for establishing neurological synchronizations in the right zones of the brain, thus providing access to those much sought-after phenomena.

The virtual Gyrascope will make your work on Kundalini all the more potent.

The reactions resulting from the effects of the blades: the effects will be felt first of all in the realm of dreams. Dreams will be more numerous, richer in colors and better structured. Then, there will be dreams of flying, sometimes at incredible speeds, in familiar or unknown sceneries. The subject will then have the sensation of a „nectar‟ which, starting from the perineum, seems to rise within the spine. Sometimes, it is the impression of a “swirling purple smoke” that rises through the axis of the body. When that sensation reaches the head, it triggers the perception of a dazzling internal light which engenders a multitude of states of consciousness.

Afterwards, it will be up to the student to learn to direct that energy so that it enters and awakens each of the subtle centres (chakras).

The combination of the „mirror‟ and „color‟ blades produces an increased harmonization of the nervous system, ultimately leading to the blossoming of the higher personality.

Moreover, from the very beginning of the practice of gyroscopic meditation, the individual will experience a kind of purification of consciousness. Thoughts become lighter and more subtle than usual. Through the centrifugation of thoughts, the Gyrascope has an action on the deeper levels of consciousness. This completely initiatory method facilitates what different traditions call purification, without aggression or internal conflict.

+ 1 Manual of Kundalini exercises Vol. 3 in PDF format.
Training through practical exercises. Work program. From basic exercises to more advanced exercises.

XP - Vista - Windows7:
Ref.: AGC_PC (standard PC)
Ref.: AGC_PCHD (PC width video card ans HD monitor)

MAC ppc (10.4/5) - Ref.: AGC_MACPPC
MAC intel (10.5/6/7) - Ref.: AGC_MACINTEL