Doctor LEFEBURE‘s work is characterized above all by the fact that it is based on experimentation. Since 1945, year upon year of experimentation has led to the creation of prototypes of his machines. In his laboratory in Gretz-Armainvilliers, Dr LEFEBURE made the first commercialized models of the Alternophone himself. After a while, factories took over the job of production.

Dr LEFEBURE always had great respect for people interested in his work, treating them as partners and paying much attention to their observations. Such observations often led to the discovery of new phosphenic phenomena.

Today, thanks to the explanations given by Dr LEFEBURE in his books, those who practice Phosphenism are the ones who contribute to advances in Phosphenic research through their personal involvement. That has led to the creation of new machines: the Rotating Seat, the Cerebral Synchro-Cyclotron, the Gyrascope and others.

United though solitary, phosphenists form an entity which is geographically spread out. Most of them have never met, and may never meet. That is the reason why I have looked for different ways of creating links between phosphenists: so that they can exchange their experiences, discoveries and passion for Phosphenism.

The forum is one of these links which permits numerous exchanges among the participants.


In hoping that this information will allow you to produce magnificent experiences that you will share with us in turn, thus creating an exponential dynamic in the diffusion of Phosphenism.

Thank you for your support.

Daniel Stiennon

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On a personal level, how can I help spread the word about Phosphenism?

Do not try to convince people; just give information about the existence of Dr Lefebure‘s works.

To do this:
- Simply give the site address:
- When you are talking with someone, use short sentences such as „I have discovered‟, „I practice‟, „You should try it, you‘ll see for yourself‟ …
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2) - If you run into a detractor, simply say to him that he is talking about something he knows nothing about and invite him to take an in-depth visit of the site:

3) - There are opportunists out there, so if you happen to come across documents and information etc. on Phosphenism during your „surfing‟ on the Web, remain on your guard and do not put into practice what is proposed.
Almost all of these documents are misleading. Just as for certain medicines, there are mixtures of techniques which it is better to avoid.
At this address you will find a list of reliable sites:

Internet warning: 90% of the Internet users take their site, their blog, or forums for a therapy and pour out their neuroses, phobias, and paranoia in them. It is an image of the
disorders of our society…
Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and respect 2 rules:

1 - Refer first of all to the official site,
2 - Be very prudent and on your guard when it come to other written documents.

Dr Lefebure, in virtue of the content of his works, aimed at rather high level, which preserves us from most of the neuroses which tend to be found in practices other than Phosphenism.

To all, thank you for your help and support.

The School of Dr LEFEBURE
the first center for teaching applied initiatory techniques.

Far from stupid and debilitating sects, far from pompous secret societies, Phosphenism is imposing itself more and more as an alternative for those who are in search of true esoteric knowledge. There are hundreds of thousands of Phosphenists in the world today. Phosphenism has no guru to whom it is necessary to make allegiance, and no dogma (phosphenists can be religious or atheistic). There are no adepts isolated from the outside world, but independent phosphenists perfectly integrated to society. No psychological pressure can be applied on the individuals who decide to stop practicing as there is no community. And lastly, Phosphenism does not have the vocation of infiltrating the structures of political power. It is for all of these reasons that it is the only worldwide esoteric/initiatory organization that is not classified as a „sect‟.

Phosphenism is the diffusion to the general public of a knowledge that used to be confidential and reserved to an elite of initiated individuals.

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