When we create an uninterrupted current of continuous thought, it acquires a particular power, capable of provoking higher states of consciousness and powerful phenomena of extension of consciousness.


After you have made the phosphene.

1. Rectilinear ascension of a luminous current, from the perineum up to the top of the cranium.

If a sensation of resistance arises in certain parts of the body, or if you are not able to visualize the current along its entire course, it is possible to practice visualizing it rising up by sections.

     a) - from the navel up to the top of the cranium.
     b) - from the solar plexus up to the top of the cranium.
     c) - from the cardiac plexus up to the top of the cranium.
     d) - from the throat up to the top of the cranium.

2. Make the point of concentration swirl at the top of the cranium by visualizing a thread of light drawn into a spiralling movement inside the body. Superficial breathing.

3. Imagine a current of bubbles (like those produced by an air filter in an aquarium) rising up inside the body.

4. Start with the idea of the power of a jet of gas projected by a volcano or the regulator of an oxygen cylinder. Focus your attention on the sensation of the jet’s power.

     a) imagine such a current rising up in the body starting from the perineum.
     b) idem, adding the visualization of a flame inside the thorax. Superficial breathing.
     c) with slow inspiration and expiration, imagine a jet of gas. Visualize a flame during a long retention of breath.

5. Marvellous exercise and mantra ANNEELLEE.
Visualize a rising current projected out through the top of the cranium, and mentally pronounce the sound „ANN‟; then the current splits in two and falls on each side of the body with the sound „EELLEE‟; and then it rises back up inside the body on the nasalisation of the sound „ANN‟.

For more information about the practice see Dr LEFEBURE‘s courses.