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We have only one goal, only one task:
to protect and preserve the work of Dr. Lefebure for
the future generations.

Explanation of the logo of PHOSPHENISM

The limaçon of Pascal (placed in the center of the cosmic egg in Western esoteric teaching) is the symbol of the analogy between the macrocosm, the mediocosm and the microcosm.
Dr LEFEBURE chose this curve as the symbol of Phosphenism because it is a variety of spirals. It is thus the symbol of the original force in all things and has a whirling structure, whether it is the nebula which gives birth to star systems, the spiral of chromatin at the top of the first mitosis of an egg or the whirling of the blood in the heart which is the center of physical life.

Origin of the term PHOSPHENISM
„Doctor LEFEBURE created the word PHOSPHENISM ® by creating what is called a neologism in grammar, based on the word phosphene, which main root means light, recalling Phœbus, the Sun.‟

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