(frequently asked questions)

Before contacting us, please check and see if you find an answer to your question in this special section on various questions.


1 - For all questions concerning the practice, we suggest that you first consult:

2 - And if you do not find an answer to your question, ask your questions in the forum:

3 - For all questions of exclusively medical nature, see the book by Dr. LEFEBURE „Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education‟ ref.: L02 for download. You will find all the medical information. If you have not found the answers to questions, please send an e-mail to Mr. STIENNON via:

4 - To know the dates of the next training courses:

The training is organized in two stages:
- The first part in video-training (see: PLATINIUM).
- The second part in a residential training course.

Note: For France, the courses take place only in the Gard region in July and August.
French overseas departments and territories and other countries: We can travel to where you are, if there are at least 20 people in your group for covering travel expenses (flight), accommodation, food, etc.
Feel free to contact us via:

5 - You can download for free:
      •  Phosphenic Energy Universe
      •  The Effects of Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education
And over 30 other documents free of charge, in MY ACCOUNT > MY SUBSCRIPTION: :
Simply enter your e-mail address and you will receive by return e-mail a 3-digit code that will give you access to a space in your subscription, consisting of free downloads.

Note: La réception de votre code peut prendre quelques minutes suivant votre fournisseur d’accès. Si vous ne recevez rien regardez dans votre dossier „courrier indésirable‟. Si notre mail, envoyé automatiquement par notre serveur, s’y trouve ajouter notre adresse émettrice dans votre carnet d’adresse, vous recevrez ainsi tous nos documents dans votre boîte de réception.

6 - You want to deepen your knowledge, think of subscribing to „MY ACCOUNT‟:
PREMIUM Subscription
Also in this space, with the PREMIUM subscription for only 32 € for 1 year, for helping you practice you will find:
      • Technical notebooks.

7 - I am a beginner, what should I start with?

8 - I am looking for a practitioner to help my child:
The box set The ABC of Phosphenic Mixing (available for download) is sufficient by itself for complete understanding of how to use the method.
Whatever the problem encountered, revising lessons with the method contained in this e_box set should bring a clear improvement in the child's academic performance or improvement in a disability or problem. In our opinion, it is not worth spending money on a specialist.
Your role as parent is merely to make sure that the child applies phosphenes to homework.

9 - I have just signed up in order to download, but it is not working.
Once you have downloaded to your hard drive, using copy/paste, enter the Stuffit code and/or if requested, the code for Adobe PDF if required.

Note: Si ça ne marche pas, changez votre décompacteur. Vous en trouverez de nombreux et gratuits sur le web.
Notre selection: décompacteur MAC - décompacteur PC

10 - I cannot open the PDF documents or books.
Opening a PDF requires à specific reading program or „Reader‟ that must be installed in your computer. The program Adobe Acrobat Reader Reader is free.
You can download it from: page may take a bit of time to appear)
or (the page may take a bit of time to appear)

11 - I have downloaded the document or book in PDF format, but it cannot be read.
Update your Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is free).
You can download the latest version from: (the page may take a bit of time to appear)

Note: For PDF books, the code will be asked for each time.
Tip: Note the code in a text document, or add it (using „rename‟) to the name of the document you have just downloaded, and place the document in a folder named „PHOSPHENISM‟ on your hard drive. This folder is to be used for keeping all your downloads.

12 - I am not able to play the audio files (mp3).
Download in English:

13 - I cannot download.
You are not able to download. Download cuts off before the end. You must have a problem with your ADSL or your ISP. You can use a program that handles cuts during downloading, resuming it at the point of interruption. This avoids having to download again. This software is useful for large downloads.
Sample program (free for 10 days):

14 - I have lost my access code (PIN code or password).
If you have lost your password to „MY ACCOUNT‟ or the „FORUM‟, simply enter your e-mail address and the Phosphenism server will automatically send you an email with your code.
This is an automatic procedure: you are the only person who can make a request.

For the „Forum‟:
(in construction)
(in construction)
For the Forum: if you can not find the email address that you used to register, you must register again and choose a new nickname.
For My Account: To download the products purchased, or for access to a subscription, you must use the e-mail address which was used on the day of your order along with the 3 digit code or letters associated to it. If you have lost the code, you can request it again, but you need to use the e-mail address corresponding to your order.

15 - I do not know how to download the products (pdf - mp3 - DivX) that I have just bought.
Go to:
Click on „MY ACCOUNT‟ in the menu bar at the top.
Click „connection‟ (login) in the menu bar on the left.
Enter your e-mail address.
Then, below, in „and your access code‟, enter the code (example: „2d4‟) that you received by e-mail and which you can ask for if you lose it. Click „CONNECTION‟.
Then click „MY DOWNLOADS‟.
Then on one of the downloads you have purchased.
Click on the link for the download.
Save on your desktop or in the folder of your choice, or better yet, in a folder named „PHOSPHENISM‟.
When the download is complete, double-click on the icon.
On MAC click-drag and place the zip file ( for example on the icon of „Stuffit Expander‟ (decompressor). This decompressor is located in your Applications folder. If this is not the case, you can download it for free.
Now paste the password: „Zip code‟ that is in your download page, next to the link you clicked on for downloading your „product‟.
For a copy/paste, paste the number as soon as it is requested.
The decompressing begins.
On your desktop, or in the folder „PHOSPHENISM‟ that you have created, you now have your uncompressed file.
Go and get the second code that is, as you saw, above the 'Zip' code.
This is the code Adobe (for books only).
Still using the copy / paste, paste the new code.

Note: For books, you will need to renew this operation each time, so note the code carefully otherwise you will have to return each time to „MY ACCOUNT‟ to retrieve it.
In addition, once your document or book has been opened (unlocked), we suggest you print it (using the File> Print) and bind it or put it in a folder, that way it will be in a „classic‟ book form.

16 - I can enter „MY ACCOUNT‟, but I can not find my order for download.
Count from 8 to 72 hours (excluding holidays) for reception depending on the mode of payment you have chosen.
For payment by check or money order: Upon receipt of your check or your money order, your order will be validated and you will be notified by e-mail.
In all cases, as soon as your order is validated, you will receive a message by e-mail with your 3-digit code for entering „My Account‟.

Another possible case: You have placed an order with another email address. A frequent case is the confusion of .us and .com: Example with
Check your invoice, to see what e-mail address you used to place your order.
With each order, you will automatically receive your 3-digit code.
After „connection‟ (login), take the time to navigate through „My Downloads‟; „My Purchases‟ and „My Subscription‟.

17 - My browser will not display animations and/or videos
My browser will not display animations and/or videos
and if necessary install adobe flash
The videos can be watched on-line (ADSL).

18 - The form says: „Domain name unknown‟
Check your email address, especially the domain name of your e-mail as: „@‟ or „@‟

19 - To be informed and for keeping up to date on news about Phosphenism,
simply enter your e-mail (once)  Subscription to the Phosphenism Newsletter.

20 - To unsubscribe and stop receiving the newsletter:
simply click „unsubscribe‟ in a newsletter enter your e-mail.

21 - For all other questions,
use our online form:

22 - I would like to contribute (creative, etc) to the space „Creations by Phosphenists‟

®Phosphenism is a registered Trade Mark deposed for the books, audio recordings,
videos and the educational method.