Anne & Michel D. - France
On one afternoon, as I was lying on my bed with my boyfriend who practices 3 hours of Gyrascope a day, we lived through a magical experience. My boyfriend started to describe his experience. He could see a stream of gold flowing down that covered him completely. At the beginning, I could not see anything, and then suddenly I was also able to see this magnificent warm light flowing down from my crown chakra.
Then kundalini went through our chakras from top to bottom and we found ourselves in Egypt.
In a room, we saw two gold sarcophagi with two figures, male and female, who symbolized perfectly the initiatory search in Ancient Egypt.
The rest of the experience can only be described by the words: magical, unbelievable, one has to experience it to believe it…
Thanks Daniel, for your advice on how to practice.

Laurence R. & Gilles P. France
After practicing a session of Gyrascope with my partner: we were lying on the bed and we had one of the most beautiful experiences. At the beginning of the experience both we saw a column of golden light that entered us and descended from our crown chakras. It filled the inside of our heads, bathing them in a multitude of colors, each one more beautiful than the other. We watched this shining emerald green „river of gems‟, feeling a deep calm. The morning after this experience, a feeling of extreme joy and a sensation of inner beauty remained.
The experience we shared has brought us even closer together.

Pascal & Nathalie - France
Dear Daniel,
Three years ago we received an initiation from you through transmission. Three days after this initiation, we started to live a veritable surge of experiences, to such an extent that we had to reconsider our entire way of life. Describing our shared or personal experiences would be impossible without writing several books, but we have no interest in doing so.
I will simply limit myself to this observation: in the beginning, in addition to the rises of kundalini that we maintained by practicing with the Gyrascope and the perception of our chakras, we had very religious experiences with perceptions of the Virgin Mary and Christ, and also dialogues.
In fact, this was actually very unsettling or rather disturbing, so we recalled your precious advice that I would like to quote from memory: „when one is young, it is better to avoid certain types of experiences. The advantage of astronomical experiences is that they are neutral.‟

We would like to tell you that you were completely right and that since we have been studying astronomy, we have experiences of an incredible diversity and quality. The sensation of one's consciousness in fusion with an element of the cosmos, a star, a supernova or an atomic nucleus is beyond words.
Maybe later, in twenty or thirty years, we might go back to our first experiences but, for the moment, the direction you gave is right for us. There are not enough words to describe what we experience or feel, just as there will never be enough words to express our gratitude for having made us discover something we couldn't even imagine.
Another reality within reality.
PS: We can't wait to try your cerebral synchro-cyclotron.

Patrick G.
I regularly practice exercises of rhythmic thinking. Throughout the day, when my job allows, I do as many phosphenes as possible with Dr LEFEBURE's lamp.
My dreams have become more and more structured and full of colors. When I wake up and I talk about the content of my dreams, I am surprised to notice that there is a great similarity with what my wife dreams about, though she does not practice Phosphenism.
I have the impression that she receives my energy through the process of phosphenic telepathy.
Sometimes, I start a dream and she finishes it.
I am on a bridge (that I actually know and where I often go for a walk). Then, in my dream, I throw myself, from the top of the bridge with the idea that I want to fly. That is my technique to produce a dream of flying. I apply Dr LEFEBURE's technique, which consists in concentrating on a detail of a sensation or of an image and, inevitably, that dream of flying turns into an „astral projection‟. I try to move upwards, to rise, but the sensation is very strong and it often wakes me up. An instant later, my wife wakes up and says to me „I was dreaming that I was rising up at a great speed, it was very pleasant‟.