on Daniel STIENNON

Roger A.
After spending so many years diffusing Dr Lefebure’s works, it seemed normal to me, in spite of his hesitation, to pay a tribute to Daniel Stiennon through the experiences that he has offered to phosphenauts. To understand one of the aspects of his personality, it is important to mention that, for a little over 7 years, he was Dr Lefebure's secretary and his only close collaborator. In recognition, Dr Lefebure transmitted the Initiation to him by laying on of hands during the hour that followed his death. Check the book: The Supreme initiation for download in the section „MY ACCOUNT‟.

As such, he is therefore the sole and unique spiritual heir of Dr LEFEBURE. And this is what makes him say, from time to time, « I am Dr. Lefebure ». „And God said, Let there be light: and there was light‟ (Genesis: Chapter 1, Verse 4). Jesus is thus the creative Word, God and His Word are one, which would explain why Jesus declared: „I and the Father are one‟ (John: Chapter 10, Verse 30).

Also, one can only fully grasp the personality of this „character‟ after having seen him conducting an „Advanced Continuing Training Course‟. It is only during that type of training course that one can comprehend all the power that emanates from him.

When he is directing a group of phosphenauts of the advanced continuing training level, the power and the vibratory energy that he radiates will leave no one indifferent, as it can be glimpsed in the few testimonies that we have printed here.

I have known Daniel for more than thirty years. Back then, he was a 3rd Dan and head instructor in one of the best aikido schools in Paris. And it is under these circumstances, on a tatami, that we met for the first time. In the evening after these martial art lessons, he organized workshops of Phosphenism with a few students. At that time, Dr LEFEBURE had just finished writing his book Kundalini Volume 1, From the Prayer Wheel to the Spiritual Dynamo, and it is with the blueprints published in that book that Daniel Stiennon built a Gyrascope with a bicycle wheel.

An old bicycle wheel, some black paper, mirrors customized by a mirror cutter, a photographer’s tripod for holding the wheel, about ten participants lined up in two rows with the smallest ones sitting in front, this is how I, and many others, discovered Phosphenism, however rudimentary that setup can seem at the time of the virtual Gyrascope. Each person, in turns, would sit in front of the wheel and give it a push to set it in motion, while the mirrors were brightly lit by a lamp.

I remember that, after practicing for a month, I would awaken every night in phases of deep sleep. Luminous flashes filled my head and they always ended up transporting me I don't know where, provoking the sensation that I was moving at high speed. I was 22 years-old, it was easy to establish neurological connections though I did not have any esoteric knowledge about the domain I was discovering. Consequently, most of the time, I was letting myself go in the passive observation of an inner cinema that seemed to me at the same time marvelous, impressive and rather curious. Then, it was the wheel of life that started rotating… and I got married. Nevertheless, I kept in touch with Daniel, though I could not practice as much as I wanted. I never entirely gave up Phosphenism, as the amazing results I obtained remained forever engraved in my memory.

Marc N.
There are about one hundred of us, maybe 120 participants for a week-end of advanced continuing training.
There are persons like me, who are coming for the first time as well as seasoned veterans of Phosphenism: top executives, secretaries, construction workers, unemployed person, people from all walks of life. Straight away, I was impressed by the conviviality that emanated from that type of course. It was as if everyone had known each other for years. That is maybe what makes Phosphenism so special.

The first hour is devoted to „setting the rhythms in motion‟. Under the direction of Daniel Stiennon, we practice one exercise after another, without interruptions, advanced exercises of rhythmo-phosphenism, like, for instance, the exercises of the spiritual triode, bi- and tri- concentration, including every time fast mantras and rhythms.

Then Daniel Stiennon splits us in five groups. There is no hierarchy, anyone can integrate the group of their choice. Each group forms a circle around an air mattress. One person lays down on the mattress and takes the role of receptor, while the rest of the group takes the role of emitter. Daniel Stiennon puts the emphasis on the fact that the receptor has to let him/herself be carried away by the sensations like a cork on a wave, while practicing the exercise of concentration of a detail of the sensation. The emitters, for their part, perform the projection of an advanced level Rhythmo-Phosphenic exercise in the direction of the receptor.

As soon as the exercise has started, it is a real festival of initiatory trances that is produced. Guided and conducted by Daniel Stiennon, the workshop unfolds: he explains us that the receptor should remain still. That he or she must endeavor to channel the energy in their lower abdomen and then make it progressively move up all the way to the top of their head, exiting the body there. Alternatively, the receptor can choose to remain concentrated on their field of vision, focusing on a detail of the sensations, in order to optimize the results of the exercise.

After approximately twenty minutes, the receptor describes the sensations and the perceptions that he or she has perceived. Everyone describes their personal experience a little bit like a child who discovers, eyes filled with wonder, his presents at the foot of the Christmas tree. It would be too long and tedious to describe all the phenomena. Hopefully, they can be easily summed up in a few words.

Some part of the etheric body starts to vibrate. As for me, the first time it happened to me, it started with my left arm, then, that sensation overran my entire etheric body (my double), at times relocating itself in my physical body. But, every time, Daniel Stiennon is there to make sure that all the energy does permeate the zones of the brain that are related to thought or imagination, in order to avoid that the energy is lost (and wasted) by pouring into the zones responsible for motivity.

Every time, he puts the emphasis on the fact that there are two sorts of trance. The most common one, physical trance, is to be avoided, as it does not lead to any concrete result. It is admittedly pleasant, but it leads to what Dr LEFEBURE calls a sensory dead end. You have hives, you scratch and, after a while, you experience pleasure scratching. You are in a sensory dead end. It is a pathological state. You could even scratch so much that you bleed and still experience pleasure.

That is why Daniel Stiennon stresses the fact that one should avoid any physical expression of the rhythms transmitted, the energies of neurological synchronization must take place in the zones responsible for thoughts or the imagination, rather than movements of the body. Only then can genuine initiatory states can be obtained.

Daniel Stiennon explains that physical trance is an ecstasy pill which leads to dependence and decadence, unlike the mental trance which allows us to reach the deepest levels of our consciousness.

Daniel explains that physical trance is like the drug ecstasy and can lead to dependance and degeneration, unlike mental trance that allows us to reach the deepest layers of our consciousness.
One must be aware that physical trance is a trap, because it is as easy to obtain as it is pleasant. But, if one is not careful, it leads to a sensory dead end that will prove rather difficult to quit doing.

Fortunately, every time we take a new step in the unknown domain of spiritual evolution, Daniel Stiennon is there to prepare the ground. That is why, like all the other participants, my heart and my mind are filled with joy every time we practice an exercise. It is something that has to be experienced at least once in your life to understand its reach and its potential.

Certain beginners are very impressed by the intensity of the experiences related by other participants, and that prevents them from enjoying fully the experience. Daniel, without assistance, can approach and touch a person to transmit his rhythms. That is when everything is released. It is impossible to control anything, you can only let go and be carried along by the sensations.

Sit on an office chair (the kind that can rotate) close your eyes, propel the chair in a circular motion with your feet and perform approximately twenty rotations. Then, stop the chair abruptly. The cenaesthesian sensations are very strong: you have the impression that you are still rotating or, using a more esoteric vocabulary, you have the impression that your „double‟ is rotating, that it has detached itself from your physical body, rotating in a direction that is the opposite of the direction of the physical rotation. That's already quite a strong sensation. When Daniel Stiennon transmits a rhythm, the sensation is a thousand times stronger. It is like a jet pilot subjected to several g's produced by a very abrupt acceleration.

(G =G-units: SI derived unit for acceleration)

Receiving rhythms from him is a very surprising experience. Everyone is astounded by the potential and the possibilities of the human brain. I have seen yoga teachers, who had spent their entire life searching for that kind of phenomena, crying with joy, such was the intensity of the experience. I have seen skeptics who, after a single experience, became fascinated by Phosphenism.

Above all, Phosphenism is an enriching inner experience, an adventure that can only be undertaken through practice.
Thank you, Daniel.

Béatrice J.
During the advanced continuing training course, I am sitting in front of Daniel. He projects the rhythm on me. As soon as I close my eyes, I feel as if I was swept by a wave so strong that I lose balance and fall from the chair… An experience that's impossible to define with words. Strong, powerful, like a volcano radiating energy. A great, big, thank you to you, Daniel.

Myriame L.

After a day of advanced continuing training course… I am dreaming. A fairy offers me a small purple ball that she is holding in her hand. Then, she shows me that she can make that little ball levitate, a few centimeters above her hand. I get closer to her and show her that if I move my hand close to her ball, I can make it spin around and levitate at the same time. I show her that my feet have left the ground. That is when the ball starts rotating around my feet. I follow it with my eyes, it moves back up, rotating around my body. As I try to follow it, I suddenly find myself rotating in space like a Whirling Dervish. I am not rotating very fast, but my motion is majestically graceful. I am wrapped in a feeling of fluffy well-being. I rotate for quite a while, letting myself be carried around by the sensations. Then, applying the exercise of concentration on a detail of a perception or a sensation, in this case a dot of light, I find myself rotating a little bit faster, with feeling of elevation. I have the impression that I am rising forever.

It's a very powerful sensation, though it is at the same time very soft and pleasant. Then, I perceive a light that progressively floods the space in which I am located. Then, I find my fairy again, her ball becomes evanescent. I feeling a sensation of wholeness permeating me. The emotion is just too intense and it wakes me up. Thanks to Daniel Stiennon.