I have also been able to notice that the energies emitted by the human body have become easier for me to perceive. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the point of focus or consciousness of my mind has acquired the habit of focusing in depth rather than in „volume‟. Before, I used to see a grayish cloud. Now, I see the rays shining and the structure of the colors (aura).
I would like to point out the aspect of extreme power and the efficiency of these exercises and I would like to thank you once again for continuing to keep the flame alive. In these troubled times, one can still ask the question when will the „hundredth monkey‟ make its appearance… May there be all the necessary 'synchronicity' to ensure the expansion and survival of this method.

Guillaume P. - FRANCE
My first experience occurred just one week after my first workshop (basic formation). During that week, I had practiced three to four hours of exercises per day. My sessions were composed primarily of sways and rotations. No convergences, nor static tensions, etc.

At that time, a friend of mine who did not know anything about my research in this domain was staying at my house. It is important to mention this detail. While I was asleep, I gradually to realized that my body began to vibrate… A hardly perceptible sensation of vibrations that then became increased in intensity little by little and extended slightly beyond my body. I let myself be carried along by these vibrations that grew more and more powerful. It was as if I were carried by a current made of multiple tiny waves. It was wonderful, intense and very pleasant… almost intoxicating. I then decided to focus on a detail of my visual chaos with the idea of trying to see as far as possible… Suddenly, and even a bit brutally, a large intense and blinding white light filled my field of vision. This vision was so real that for a moment I thought my friend had got up and turned the light in the bedroom on. I sat up suddenly and was going to reprimand him. What a mistake! The room was totally dark.
What did I miss that night? This vision has never reoccurred…
As I type these last words, I must admit that in the face of this question I feel a somewhat bitter and there is a certain nostalgia about that moment.
In any case, many thanks to Daniel, and I invite all the phosphenists to sit down in front of their keyboards and recount their experiences. For my part, there is no hesitation to do so.
Make us dream!

Marcel-Mario F. Perception of an inner light
I have started to study your method with my brother-in-law, as soon as I received your book. After a certain time, we started to get some results.
On many occasions, I saw “the light”. That expression, that I considered purely symbolic, is actually the only one that is right to describe the phenomenon: I thought that the sun was flooding the room or that there was a fire… or that the lights were on. I opened my eyes… it was dark. Though I knew about the phenomenon, I was caught many times.
Later, lying on my bed awake, I was practicing the exercise of ocular convergence. I saw a kind of a hole, a large niche or recess. It was partly closed by a veil hanging on two columns, behind which there was a bright light. The symbol was magnificent.
Later, while I was practicing convergence with my eyes straight, I saw a pair of eyes looking at me fixedly and then converging upwards. I quickly did the same.
I have, since, had two out-of-body experiences.

Léon V. D. Illumination
I often read in bed, for half an hour to an hour. Sometimes (the phenomenon still occurs once in a while) after putting my book away, switching the light off and then partly hiding under the blanket (so that no light can reach me) and after maintaining my concentration for 5 to 10 minutes, I can see my hands glowing. I can distinctly see the outline of my fingers and also the folds of the fabric, inside the „nest‟ in which my head is resting. That phenomenon takes place with my eyes open. Sometimes, the light is so bright that I believe I could read a book, if the print is not too small, though I must say that I have never tried it.
I have always wondered what was the cause of that phenomenon (the glowing hands) and it is only after reading the passage of your book about Mixing and the phosphenes that I realized that I had probably done a phosphene while I was reading, caused by the reflection of the light on the pages of the book. It is thanks to that phosphene that I have been able to perceive my hands and the folds in the fabric of the sheets, with my head hidden under them.

Mrs Dominique P. Phosphenism and clairvoyance
I have developed clairvoyance thanks to the techniques of astral projection with the perception of locations, characters and historical situations (that I have verified through research). These experiences have often been directed towards a particular country, a fact that has allowed me to meet great people! They remain engraved in my memory and have provided me with a different outlook on life. I have been able to perceive the past through the medium of historical objects.
I have had contacts with my guide. The amount of things I have discovered in just a year thanks to Phosphenism is amazing. The potential of what could be done is baffling…

M. Louis R. Clairvoyance in the phosphene
I did a phosphene and saw the image of my brother appear, though I was not thinking about him at the time. I saw him in his bedroom, getting up. Certain objects had disappeared from the room, others had simply changed place.
The phosphene lasted about 30 seconds. It had the diameter of a 5 francs coin (the equivalent of a dollar coin) but I would have been able to distinguish tiny details within it, such as a fly settled on my brother's cheek.
When the vision ended, I checked what time it was. It was precisely 7 am.
As soon as I got out of bed, I wrote to my brother to ask him if he was awake at 7 o'clock on that day, though it did not seem probable to me as I know he has the habit of going to bed very late and also getting up late, at around 10 o'clock.

He answered back: „Well yes, it is true, I have been getting up at 7 for the past few days… I go to bed earlier… I prefer it like that…‟ I had not mentioned all the details of the vision; I had only asked him if he had moved his large cupboard, as I had seen, in its place, just a simple set of shelves. He answered that nothing had been moved, nor added, nor removed. I thought to myself: „My vision was not perfectly right‟.

A few months later, I went to La Rochelle for three days and I visited my brother's room. What an incredible surprise! All the details of my vision were perfectly right! My brother had simply forgotten to tell me that he had, for a long time now, changed the position of his bed. That is why, from the angle of vision the phosphene was offering me, I saw the left wall instead of the right wall. My vision was actually right, it actually had an amazing precision.

Christian B.
Here is what happened to me during the course of continuous formation.
Exercise on the visual chaos: during the blue phase of the phosphene, I see a pyramid rotating around its vertical axis. I only perceive its edges, but very distinctly. They seem luminous (like neon lights seen from afar). They are of a yellow color. The image then fades, then another pyramid that seem to be made of crystal appears over a pink background dotted with a multitude of small pink circles. It is orientated horizontally. I try to focus on a detail and luminous diagrams appear. I can see dark blue, green and pink. The exercise ends a short while later.
Later during the course… an exercise of projection of the visual chaos. I am working with a colleague, I wait until the phosphene almost completely disappears before I start the exercise. I project my visual chaos on her face, while I imagine a mental rhythm, like a pulsation. Suddenly, I think about the megaliths of Stonehenge, in England, and I try to visualize them moving rhythmically in my visual chaos. At the end of the exercise, we exchange our impressions and my colleague mentions that she perceived the image of a very hard stone, hitting the back of her head regularly.

Romuald S.
During the course of continuous formation, we did a workshop on clairvoyance. Two persons were transmitting energy to a third. The first one was focusing his thought on the third eye of the receiver, the second one on the back of his head. The receiver was concentrating on his visual chaos. When the phosphene disappeared, it was replaced by the diffuse glow, milky white in color. It appeared progressively.
The point of concentration, akin to a bulb in the middle of the phosphene, remained and endured like a luminous pearl. The tension focused on that point penetrated inside to unravel new, deeper zones and was again replaced by the point of concentration. The progression was similar to the progression of consciousness towards the center of a gaseous nebula. On both sides, patches of luminous mist advanced. At a certain moment, the vapors disappeared, giving way to very thin, concentric silver rings popping up from the chaos in a pseudo periodical manner. In the center, the point of concentration rotated, more and more luminous. Orbiting around it, I perceived a smaller red dot. It made me think of a double star.
During an other exercise, I had a similar type of experience, my visual chaos opened up and I saw the gigantic extension of a spiral galaxy seen from the side, with an inclination of 45°. It was but a very brief vision, though it seemed very real.

Roger D.
An experience that took place while I was doing exercises of square breathing.
I lost control of my body and felt a sensation of paralysis in my neck, then shivers throughout my body, accentuating into a formidable energy. My body was run through by a sensation of total irradiation, coming from the bottom of my legs. It reminded me of orgasm, though it was more intense and it was accompanied by a scent of flowers. When its intensity reached its peak, I concentrated on a point of my body, an action that suddenly released the energy within me. At that moment, I saw a great white light that filled the room.
Then, I remained there, laying down, floating in a sensation of well-being.

During a workshop, I have visualized a small 3D pyramid. It seemed made of the same color green as the phosphene, as if it was a diffuse matter that had densified by concentrating itself in a restricted space. The pyramid of green light had a very intense presence and rotated on its axis. It was very unusual, and it only took place once.

I have had the chance to observe a phenomenon that deserves to be recounted. Last night, when I went to bed, I was next to my girlfriend, holding her hand while practicing the exercise of concentration on the visual chaos (I had already been able to notice that it was possible to transmit the sensations related to energy).
At a certain moment, she told me that she was observing greenish, pulsating lights, stemming from the outer part of her visual chaos and concentrating in its center, acquiring different colors in the process. I then continued practicing the exercise without telling her about my impressions, not even about the simple fact that I was practicing an exercise. A bit later, she mentioned that the luminous sensation had faded. I asked her to sit with her back facing me and I placed my hands on her head. I did not really know how to proceed so I imagined a current of sparks running along my arms and flowing rhythmically (every 2 seconds) through her. As I did not obtain appreciable results, I started to practice purely mental static tensions accompanied by the mantra „kikiki‟ at the speed of 1/6th of a second. Every time I would get a strong sensation, I would release a „charge‟ in her (when I was feeling a characteristic sensation of shivering). The luminous projections in her field of vision resumed almost instantly and only stopped 5 or 6 minutes later.
Another remarkable fact: she told me that she perceived „meteorites‟ moving very fast towards her. Again, one can only admit how easy it is to transmit phosphenic phenomena… as well as the importance of static tensions! I can only admit that it is not my favorite exercise after a day's work. Having said that, I never observe as much activity in my etheric body as when I practice that exercise. It seems imperative to practice it if one wishes to produce out-of-body experiences.

I often have kaleidoscopic visions with sounds and images accompanied by a mental and physical paralysis. It is scary in the beginning, but at the same time, it is very pleasant and one feels protected. I also experience many inner flashes and my thoughts acquire much speed and flow like water or wind. I often dream that I am flying with, sometimes, the impression that I am really falling. But, what is most surprising is that, in my dreams, I can zoom in and out, like if I had a camera. Thanks to Daniel and Dr LEFEBURE.

Alexandra F.
I was woken up by the tinkling of a bell. Sitting on my bed, a soft light was flooding the room. The sound of the bell was resonating in my head. On each side of the bed, there were persons who were holding my hand. I could not see their faces. A third person was standing at the bed head and had his hand on my left shoulder. Then from my solar plexus, a ball of light, golden yellow in color, started to grow like a inflatable balloon, filling the entire room.
The bell sound stopped. The characters disappeared and the ball of light faded as well as the light that filled the room. Everything went back to normal and I fell asleep.

When I practice the head sways and when I observe the visual chaos (after a quarter of an hour) there is a luminous patch of purple color (intense and captivating) that appears slowly. If I am doing a phosphene, the patch can engulf it. That purple color is so intense that the greenish yellow color of the phosphene is barely visible . When I observe the details of that purple patch, I am able to notice that it is whirling on itself a little bit like a whirlpool. In the beginning of my training, I could see (unknown) faces inside. There is also another phenomenon that takes place when I practice head sways (with the phosphene or the purple patch): I perceive luminous „waves‟ (purple or greenish-yellow) that come from behind my eyes and seem to “maintain or nourish” the phosphene or the purple patch. That phenomenon is very bright and intense.

I am witnessing a very clear evolution in my „visual chaos‟ experiences…
In the morning (between 9 and 9:30) I am practicing the exercise of „concentration on a detail of the visual chaos‟. For the first time, I have many very clear „flashes‟ that appear regularly, rhythmically, in the form of lateral lines, vertical then diagonal, like a grid. Then, a concentric circle appears, a bit like the circles formed by a drop falling in water. At the end of the circle, a small explosion of luminous patches takes place in the center, like fireworks.
That experience lasted for at least a few minutes.
Then a multitude of experiences, astral projections, visual chaos, conscious voyage in memories that function like lucid dreams, etc.