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Lux Kywalker (forum pseudonym).
As one of the creators of the Virtual Gyrascopes proposed in „MY ACCOUNT‟, and after having tested other ones, I can affirm that the one offered by Phosphenism Publishing exceeds by far anything else that has been done up to now. Believe me, it is a good investment. I had problems of visualization; I can now make a rotational thought without any problem and with my eyes open. This helps me with the exercises of head rotation, because it strengthens the effect they bring. And in addition, I can intuitively feel the right speed of rotation without having to use phosphenes. So, I am very enthusiastic and I encourage you to procure this very effective tool.

Daniel P.
Since I have been using the Pro Virtual Gyrascope, for two months now, one or two nights a week I have conscious dreams. I haven't yet acquired complete control of my dreams, but I am aware that I am dreaming. In my dream (but is this really in the domain of dreams or would it be more a case of astral projection or extensions of consciousness?), I am conscious that it is a dream and that I can act on the content to a certain extent.
As soon as I start to become aware that I am dreaming, I try to do the exercise of concentration on a detail. It is not always easy because the sensations and perceptions have greater importance than the exercise. But I have noticed that when I manage to do this, the conscious dream becomes more intense, and above all, it lasts much longer. I have many dreams of flying, often at very high speeds, and very often they end with the sensation of rising up in a whirling movement. I would like to thank Daniel STIENNON for the personal advice that he gave me during the training course.

Jean C (35 Rennes).
I am a magnetizer and a healer. Upon the advice of Mr Stiennon, my practice with the Virtual Gyrascope consisted primarily of projecting a rotating phosphene and practicing the 3rd level exercises on the back of my hands. One night I dreamed about my hands; they appeared with a ball of light energy placed in the middle of the palms. This luminous ball was rotating. In the morning, I noticed that the chakras of my hands were open. From that day on, the gift I have as a magnetizer-healer has developed in a spectacular manner. And further, still following the advice of Mr Stiennon, I have learned to phosphenize water as a complement to magnetism.
I use a glass bottle with an ordinary cork. I hold it in my hands, completely encircling it, and I then project a phosphene and a gyroscopic meditation accompanied by a wish for healing. All of my patients tell me that they can feel the energy after drinking a glass of this water. In this manner, I have been able to aid in the healing of different pathologies. Thank you for everything.

Marc D.
I own a mechanical Gyrascope and a Virtual Gyrascope. If I had one piece of advice to give to a beginner, it would be to start with the Virtual Gyrascope because it allows one not only to obtain the right mental attitude, but it also facilitates the exercises of visualisation. In addition, it seems to me that the Virtual Gyrascope exercises a much deeper action on the psyche, and due to this fact, it permits experiences of the mind that go much further. This is my personal opinion. The instruction manual is clear and complete. Nearly once a week I am able to obtain an intense experience. In particular, the encounter with my spiritual guide was a very intense moment. By following the advice given by Daniel STIENNON, within a very short time I have been able to converse with my guide. I obtained answers to all the personal questions that I asked.
With much gratitude.

Alain G.
Thanks to the shallow breathing as explained in the book by Dr LEFEBURE The Pneumophene and the practice using the Virtual Gyrascope, I have been able to experience numerous voyages „astral travelling‟. During one of these, I perceived a light; an individual appeared out of it and presented himself as my spiritual guide.
The emotion being too strong, I stopped the experience. But following the advice of Mr. STIENNON to the letter, I was able to attempt the experience again and now I can almost manage to have a sort of dialogue. I say „sort of‟ because there is at the same time a telepathic communication which is almost verbal but without the movement of the lips. As Daniel STIENNON puts it so well, „the world of the spirit is the opposite of the physical world, which means that even in an ordinary dream a dialogue takes place through telepathy. There is no movement of the lips‟.
Since this first encounter, my life has changed enormously.
A thank you in particular to Daniel STIENNON for his attention.

Pierre D.
During my first month of practice with the Virtual Gyrascope, nothing happened except that, and this is very important, I slept more deeply than usual and when I woke up I felt much more rested, in much better form and, above all, I felt filled with energy. After a month and a half of practice, at around 5 o'clock in the morning, I felt as if I were torn from my body in a rising whirling movement. My astonishment was immense, and the more I became astonished, the more the rising movement accelerated. I had the impression of flying in the air at a very high speed. It was prodigious: I fly, I loop the loop, I see lights, I perceive colors and I guffaw, and it is marvellous. Maybe a little bit too loudly, because in the end it woke me up.

Jean-Marc R.
For 3 months now, I have been practicing with the Virtual Gyrascope, and at the same time I have been studying my law courses using Dr LEFEBURE's lamp. Here is what I have been able to observe between the 2nd and 3rd month of practice. Once or twice a week, what seems to be a simple dream at the beginning, becomes a conscious dream and then a directed dream, and then a dream of ascension with moving at a very high speed in landscapes that at known or unknown. Very often, this out of body experience or extension of consciousness takes a whirling form and then my double moves at a very high speed in vertical direction, but I also feel as if I am ascending in the direction of some galaxy. As much as possible, during gyrascopic meditation I try to immerse myself in notions of astronomy. Once, I had the feeling of being in fusion with a star and it provoked such a strong emotion of joy and well-being that I woke up with tears in my eyes and the thought: „How is such a thing possible?‟
Thanks to Phosphenism for having allowed me to live such an experience.

Jean-Michel M.
On my 20th day of practice with the Virtual Gyrascope, at a rhythm of 30 minutes every evening, practiced conscientiously following the instructions in the manual and using Dr LEFEBURE's lamp placed at a distance of 8 inches (20 centimeters), here is what I have obtained. Having just fallen asleep, I am awakened by a very harsh light which illuminates my entire field of vision (very surprising) and then my body, or more exactly, my double, starts to vibrate at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second for about ten seconds. Then I feel as if I am sucked up into a vortex made of a glittering array of stars. Then my double rises, or my consciousness detaches itself from my body and then I experience a feeling of a great clarity of consciousness. After a while, my ascension stops and I feel a sort of state of weightlessness in my thoughts. My thoughts become so light and voluptuous at the same time, that I have the impression of being able to see them, feel them, touch them (very impressive). At that moment that I said to myself, „what if I try to put them into a movement of gyroscopic rotation‟. Thinking again of the point of concentration that rotates on the Virtual Gyrascope, I decide to throw my thoughts a bit like a pebble cast from a sling. I had hardly finished elaborating this idea when I felt myself moving at a „supersonic‟ speed. My mind was filled with joy and happiness. The more it was filled with this feeling, the more I felt a euphoria rising within me. It transformed very quickly into a feeling of fulfilment, finishing in a feeling of Nirvana and ecstasy. I don't know how, but I found myself awake, lying on my bed. I observed my visual chaos (or my brow chakra), and there, it is as if I were looking at a kaleidoscope. The only way to describe it is the word grandiose.

Tristan - FRANCE
My thoughts were mainly centered on a luminous golden colored ball that started from my root chakra and mounted up to the top of my head. It became violet in color and then went back down towards the root chakra which I imagined red and pulsating at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second with the mental mantra „KEE‟. Then, when I grew tired of this exercise, I visualized my spine pulsating at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second. In fact, I followed whatever thought came to mind, trying to maintain it long enough to bring a rhythm to my brain. At times I imagined a pulsating sphere rising and stopping at each chakra, pulsating on each one. And at times a shower of sparks rose, rotating clockwise. However, I was not able to keep the rotating movement going in the same direction and I felt more comfortable with the vertical movement mounting from the base of my spine. Once I had assimilated the exercise, I added superficial breathing which produced moments of extremely intense heat.
That night, the first dream made its appearance, but my consciousness was still asleep until my feet started to leave the ground. Then my consciousness began to awaken.I went around the rooms where I was and then I left…
I see a dog which has nothing better to do than attack me at the neck!! It doesn't matter because I know that I am in an astral state and I do not risk anything. So, I don't worry and pay no attention to it. The dog ends up by letting go, and all of a sudden I find myself in another room, in a dormitory with other people. They are speaking among themselves, so I leave them and go and open the window. It is very high up!!! I tell myself that in theory, I must be able to fly and decide to throw myself into empty space. And it is complete ecstasy. I plunge into the cores of planets, and one of them looks like the Earth. The speed is amazing and I let myself be carried along. All the planets turn into bubbles of water that contract on themselves and then I wake up. I lay there for a long time, hearing an acouphene and seeing a luminous ball of light in front of me.

René C. - FRANCE
Former student of Dr LEFEBURE.

Photographs of the Gyrascope that I made, very simple and easy to construct.
- A box or chest 3 feet (1 meter) high - 3 boards 3 feet x 10 inches (1m x 25) – one board 3 feet 15 inches x 10 inches (1m35 x 25) – thickness 1/16 of an inch (15mm).
- a flexible that is attached to an electric drill and leads to the back of the Gyrascope. The small mandrel is connected to the shaft that goes to that plate of 6 blades.
- a cutout for the lamp
- a clock for measuring the minutes

Zied. - FRANCE
Photographs of my Gyrascope.

kundalini yogakundalini yogakoundalini yoga

Nicole L. - FRANCE
My partner practices regularly with the Gyrascope for an hour every day and we have noticed an inversion: I am the one, his partner, who often receives the initiatory experiences.
I regularly see galaxies swirling on themselves just by closing my eyes, without doing any exercises in order to trigger this effect. I obtain these magnificent states of consciousness thanks to my boyfriend. During the night, I often find myself in space among the stars and galaxies; it is a very pleasant sensation.

Laurence R. - FRANCE
One night, I was sitting in an armchair after my daily 30 minutes of practice with the Gyrascope using the colored blades.
I was resting from a day's work with my eyes closed when, fully conscious; I saw sparkles of a violet color which made me think of small stars welcoming me to their magical world.
I was enchanted by these visions of such beauty.
Then, far in the distance, a multitude of many-colored stars appeared. Some were bright red, others intense blue or a brilliant yellow. My consciousness burst, caught in a powerful whirlpool of whitish light.
My guide appeared in the shape of a woman, looking serene and full of love.
Fantastic, there is nothing else I can say. Thanks.

Dominique V. - FRANCE

I have been teaching yoga for 21 years and since I have been teaching I go to India every three years to meet different yogis or swamis, in my search for complete awakening of kundalini. During all these years, I have obtained results but not with the power or the grandeur that I expected.
Without taking it seriously at the beginning, I started using Doctor Lefebure's Gyrascope and now I must admit that I obtained more results in three months than in 20 difficult years of asceticism.

Encouraged by this new method of awakening, I followed your advice and placed the Gyrascope above my head. I did not construct it with large blades as you recommend, but I tilted it enough to obtain a reasonably good-sized phosphene in my field of vision. And also following your recommendations, I studied astronomy for overall general knowledge in order to immerse myself in astronomical data rather than Hindu philosophical information, as you say.
Since I have been practicing this way, on several occasions and with an intensity and a quality that increases each time, I have clearly perceived a surge of a subtle substance that rises up from my sacrum along my spine. When it reaches my head, I perceive a bright inner light. This energy then comes out through the top of my head and whirls above it. It then „flows down‟ into each of my chakras, driving them into incredible movements of rotation.
On several occasions, I have found myself completely awake in space where I could communicate with „guides‟ for long periods of time. You have enabled me to live my most secret dreams, and I cannot find enough words to thank you.

Alain R. - FRANCE

Hello Daniel
I have followed the instructions you provide in Kundalini volume 2 and built a 6foot (2meter) wide Gyrascope. I lie down underneath it. In that way, it completely covers my field of vision when the rotation begins.

I am 47 years old, and over the past 2 years I have been using the Gyrascope for an hour every day.
Also, when I drive to work in my car I use the time to practice with the Alternophone or the Mantratron.

My first experiences of hyper-consciousness appeared very quickly during the first weeks of practice. One of them particularly impressed me: during a „flight‟, I voluntarily passed through a door and felt a real physical interaction of my atoms (???) with those of the door.

This first experience remains in my mind in a surprising and deep manner.
This kind of experience happens regularly.

At the end of a year, following Daniel Stiennon's advice, I built a 6 feet (2 meters) wide Gyrascope using a drill for the motor and several thin sheets of polystyrene covered with aluminum paper for the blades. It took me just a few hours to build (see the picture). And now, every evening for an hour, I do a complete session: large diameter Gyrascope with the Gyropulsar and Alternophone coupled with Mantratron set on 1/6th of a second.

In the fall of 2002 I contacted Stephane, who I had met in Paris during one of the continuous training workshops, and once a week we try to practice together according to our time schedules. Jean-Pierre, who I also met in Paris, joins us on a less regular basis.

Group sessions are very beneficial and concrete results are quickly obtained.
I have recently had several experiences of states of hyper-consciousness (at night during my sleep) in which I met a beautiful „White Lady‟. In appearance she resembled the religious images of the Virgin. Since then, I have a permanent sensation of a vibration at the base of my spine. Sometimes this vibration is replaced by an intense sensation of heat and I feel like I am „burning‟ inside. On other occasions, I feel a large ball of energy more of less like „cotton wool‟ in consistency that takes the place of the vibration and tends to rise up my spine.
All these sensations are very pleasant and they do not preoccupy me.

My personal testimony would be incomplete if I did not thank Edith, who has shared my life for more than twenty years, for her patience and understanding. Daily practice obviously encroaches a bit on family life. I am lucky to have a wife who, by means other than Phosphenism, follows her own spiritual quest. Before falling asleep at night, we can share our experiences after doing a few phosphenes together.