I had a vision of the formation of the earth.
I picked up a white quartz stone from the ground; I kept it in my hand and I started to repeat a mantra while thinking about this stone with the idea that it was giving itself to me. I practiced an ocular convergence at the level of the third eye, as described by Dr LEFEBURE in Initiatory Experiences.
After a certain time, a vision appeared. I found myself in the middle of torrents of lava that flowed all around me. The colors were magnificent with a predomination of the colors red, grey and black. Then there were torrential rains and lots of mist. Then, I found myself at the bottom of a river.
I brutally came out of my vision when the face of a prehistoric man appeared at the surface of the water. This almost scared me.
The experience was pleasant though and I became conscious that for a brief moment I had become the stone itself.
During my meditations, I have been able to note the importance of ocular convergence, as well as other small details which constitute the interest of phosphenism. Very many thanks.

Stéphane L. - BELGIUM
The spirit of Phosphenism is the vehicle that takes us towards great inner richness. Light shines over our horizon and radiates…

I will never be able to thank Doctor Lefebure enough for all the good this method has done for me, and also Daniel for his devotion and his continued determination and efforts.

Don't get discouraged; keep practicing every day even if you do not feel anything, even if the practice seems boring. Our times need people that are like trees, heavy with a silent peace that spreads its roots deep in the earth and in the sky at the same time. If you give up, you will never know what Dr Francis Lefebure wanted to transmit to you.

A very warm hello to you!
- Regarding „The Initiation of Pietro‟ and the „Blue Phase‟ of phosphenes that certain persons cannot perceive. I noticed that its appearance depends only on the state of „MENTAL‟ relaxation of the subject. Indeed, if one does a phosphene without clearing one's mind after an activity (who said that without discipline it acts like a crazy monkey?), in most cases it will start with the green or red phase. On the contrary, if one does an exercise to calm the mind before doing a phosphene, the above mentioned phase will naturally start the cycle.

Guereins - FRANCE
I was rereading Dr LEFEBURE's book on thinking at the rhythm of 1/6th of a second, and I did a quick calculation comparing it to walking.
If one walks in steps of 3feet (1meter) per second, one travels 2,1/4 miles per hour (3.6 km), a speed that any healthy individual can reach.
If one makes 6 steps of 3 feet every second, which corresponds to the thought rhythm of 1/6th of a second, one travels 6 times faster, therefore 13,5miles per hour (21.6 km/h), a speed that can only be managed by the best runners in the world.
This speed would enable one to run a marathon in less than two hours, a feat that is considered today to be the limit of human capabilities. At present, the marathon world record is approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes. What do you think of this comparison, is it valid, does it match the effects of thinking at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second?
Answer by Daniel STIENNON
„Your observation is correct; indeed, fast mantras are used by certain Tibetan monks and Yogis when they are doing strenuous physical activity. I know Phosphenists who are bikers and they use thinking at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second when riding up steep slopes. Practicing mantras at a rhythm of 1/6th of a second significantly improves physical performances.
The mind will always be the best doping…‟

Today is Sunday and we are going to experiment with the famous Phosphenic Machine or cerebral Synchro-Cyclotron. We are a group of students who practice gyroscopic meditation, and we all have an excellent knowledge and practical experience regarding the works of Doctor Lefebure.
We all have experimented this wakening at varying degrees, as there are several persons in the group who say they are so impressed with the results that they practice gyroscopic meditation up to five hours a day,. How do they do this? There is one man who is retired, another who is a Yoga teacher and still another who is on a sabbatical… Another point in common is that we all have several years of experience in the practice of Gyroscopic Meditation.
One person started practicing in 1981 after meeting Dr LEFEBURE, and since that date he practices 1 or 2 hours every day!
As the narrator of this story, I would like to relate this exceptional day that will remain forever engraved in our memories.
Certain people even came from foreign countries in response to Daniel's invitation.
And so we were all gathered together, united by the quest of the awakening of Kundalini.
We were welcomed by a Doctor and Claire, a Research Scientist at the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique).
It is with a great inner excitement that we head for the room where the machine is located. As soon as we see the „Phosphenic Machine‟, our eyes start to glitter with amazement. I cannot describe all the options available with this machine, but I am sure that even those who have a passion for science fiction would never have been able to imagine such an apparatus. We felt like children in front of an enormous toy (that would not fit into a living room) and we wait for it to be started along with explanations on how the machine functions.
Once this has been done, I offer to be the first person to set on the quest of a new adventure with the fantastic Phosphenic Machine of Doctor Lefebure's School.
I sit down on a comfortable armchair and attach the safety belt as requested (the same as the ones used in cars).
The machine starts, and white lights are switched on as well as colored ones. A disk of 12 feet (4 meters) in diameter, forming a complex geometrical structure starts to rotate. Sounds come out of the speakers surrounding the machine.
A metal cylinder composed of the same material as metal detectors used in divination and radionic devices starts to rotate around me. In just a few seconds, one has the impression that this tube „sweeps‟ through one's aura. Then, the seat set on level 22 starts to rotate. I close my eyes.
After three minutes of rotation at a constant speed, it stops.
I keep my eyes closed, my attention focused on the sensations. For a couple of seconds perhaps, nothing happens. Then, with an incredible violence and force, I feel as if I am „torn‟ from my body.
I then feel my double being taken up by an amazing yet very pleasant force, as if I were wrapped in a feeling of sensuality. The sensation is very powerful and, after a short pause I thought it had stopped, when the sensation of being „torn from my body‟ came back with such force that I thought someone had turned the machine on again.
As soon as this new sensation „vanishes‟ I am surprised by an incredibly powerful and majestic surge of kundalini. I not only perceive this pillar of energy rising through my body but I also feel as if I am nothing more than a ball of energy condensed to a power of 10.
I will stop my description here because even the suggestion has no effect, I believe it is better to discover such an amazing thing through one's own experience.
After a few minutes of observation that I open my eyes again and stand up calmly.
One has a feeling of total well-being, clarity of mind: all the intellectual functions are activated.
The much sought after Kundalini, the mysterious force, is obtained without any effort and with all the benefits brought from this practice.
It is truly unbelievable, only three minutes and the opening of infinite possibilities of interplanetary travel with a fusion of consciousness and a multitude of experiences, each one more beautiful than the other…
What happiness…
This is truly the initiation of the future.
What an amazing day….Can't wait to see what comes next…
I'd like to say a big thank you, Daniel, for all of us!

Mr. Stiennon,
After practicing the spiritual triode and significantly improving the quality of my sways, I would like to relate one of my experiences:

For a little over two months, I have been practicing the spiritual triode exercises (ascending the first week, and the same descending the following week) at the rate of three or four sessions a day. A phosphene, from its initial stage to the negative stage and then to the complete or nearly complete disappearance of the 4th light, lasts 6 to 8 minutes in my case. My practice sessions are structured in the following manner: 30 to 35 seconds of focusing on the lamp, 3 to 5 minutes of projecting points of consciousness using the complementary color of the phosphene at the moment of the exercise. I then observe my thoughts and the 4th light from 1 to 3 minutes. Each session is composed of two cycles. I try to practice as often as possible before meals, except at noon (my workplace is not quiet enough, so I isolate myself in a conference room after eating).

I have been able to notice a certain number of phenomena. During the first week of practice, I noticed the point of concentration spontaneously reappeared during the day. It is interesting to note that when it reappears like this it is much brighter than what I obtain through visualization.
I visualize a kind of small star at my root chakra. When it reappears, it looks more like a little sun; with the corresponding fluctuations in color and texture. I personally perceive blue to orange hues, moving on the surface of the point. I have been able to notice that at these moments, I automatically perceive auras as long as I am receptive.

Moreover (I am now talking about the descending triode), the point of concentration reappears objectively on the physical level but with a brilliance that is 100 times stronger than that of the usual point.
Contrary to the visualization or the reappearance of the point at level of the root chakra, it tends to remain very small, while in the other case I experience a feeling of immersion. Moreover, this is probably due to the fact that it is not very natural to scrutinize one's perineum during the course of a day and the phenomenon occurs more on an emotional level.
During certain sessions, primarily when I throw the energy back „on the world‟, a feeling of great heat occurs in my forearms. When I practice the descending triode, the point forms again at the level of the root chakra, and the contrary occurs during the ascending triode. In view of the laws of analogy, this phenomenon seems to be very natural and I am comforted with idea that this one of the most functional exercises. Considering the objectives set, from that point on I to noticed that my observations of people's auras were accompanied by a more complete emotional sentiment. I also had one or two premonitory dreams. Having said that, at this level, I cannot guarantee that they do not arise from logical deductions resulting from subconscious reflection.
During the accumulation of energy charges, I can see energy discharges and sparks without any particular effort of visualization. Furthermore and to conclude, after the disappearance of the negative phosphene when the 4th light still remains and I add anterior-posterior sways to the exercise (or vertical bi-concentration) I noticed what seemed to be a resurgence of the phosphene… But when I became aware of its whirling nature and its fixed indigo color… ) My brow chakra. What astonishment… Since then, it is relatively easy to perceive it by concentrating. Having said this, I am not able to do this without a calm environment. Patience is the mother of all virtues and all things come to those who know how to wait. HAHAHA! No further commentary needed.
Thank you Mr.Stiennon for giving us the opportunity to live these fabulous experiences and in prolonging the teachings of Dr Lefebure!
With my warmest thanks.
From Switzerland with love.

Mr Stephane M.
 Regarding inner sensations and phenomena, certain images without apparent meaning appear suddenly and then fade away: lightning bolts, flashes, vibrations throughout the body. I have sometimes felt a shock, a very quick shiver while I am practicing vertical sways, a feeling of elevation during the exercise of phosphenic telepathy or images that appear suddenly during the exercise, like the illumination of Christ, spheres connected with each other, stars, the earth, unknown faces, the sensation of leaving the physical body. I must thank you for having shown me that „way‟.

Miss Françoise B.
The phosphenic techniques have allowed me to develop clairvoyance, intuition, to produce out-of-body experiences, particularly sensations of flying.
In the beginning, I wanted to develop magnetism for healing purposes but, little by little, as I was practicing the phosphenic techniques, my interest shifted towards astral projection.

Mrs Carole H.
 Practicing Phosphenism has allowed me to develop a greater capacity of concentration with less fatigue. I now also have control of the emotivity related to my profession, so I have acquired a certain hindsight.
I have been able to note that the clairvoyance I practice as a profession is clear and precise. I make out events better, and remember them more.
Also, such a practice has allowed me to produce out-of-body experiences and very interesting astral projections that convey information, grant me access to the akashic records and produce visions of different worlds and galaxies. In addition, the regular practice of Phosphenism makes sleep more refreshing and I am more calm and relaxed when I wake up.

M. E. B. L.
 I have read your latest newsletter. So, I take the liberty to inform you that I practice your exercises of ocular convergence and rhythmic breathing. The breathing exercises do not present any difficulty for me. On the other hand, I find ocular convergence much more difficult to practice. I also take the liberty to inform you that I have, several times, been able to experience the „awakening during sleep‟ that you mention in „Homologies‟. I also have had good results when I have experimented with telepathy.

M. J.-C. A.

I have had the opportunity to introduce Phosphenism to my students in biology during a couple two-hour courses. After the first one, a lady told me that she now understood why she was able to predict events, until she reached the age of 20. She stopped, 10 years ago, because she was feeling „abnormal‟. When she was young, she used to fix the sun as a game. She also focused on lamps and… the tip of her nose!

Another friend of mine used to have premonitory dreams related to accidents or the death of persons she knew. When she was younger, she had many experiences but her family did not accept them. They subjected her to psychological examinations and even electroshock therapy! She is now gradually recovering her gift of clairvoyance, after having been forced to stop. She told me that she even had to hide in a cupboard to practice focusing on the tip of her nose (an equivalent of the exercise of ocular convergence). She also enjoyed watching the reflection of the sun on the river in front of her house.

I had another success with my introduction. During a phosphene, one of my students had his hand in front of his eyes. Suddenly, as I was standing in front of him, he jumped on his chair and said: „I am dreaming, I see Andre‟. He could perceive my slightly luminous outline. Later I explained to him the vision and the diffuse glow. When he was surprised and jumped, he took his hand off his eyes. Of course, the vision disappeared.
I have also met more than one student who was skeptical but several of them ended up being enthusiastic. All they then needed to do make the effort to practice Phosphenism every day. Nevertheless, for many of them, it is still a long way to go, as they are not necessarily very receptive.

I had asked them to do a phosphene before the class and one at the end. I have the impression that, during the lesson, their attention had already improved.

A student placed her teacher in the phosphene before meeting him and was surprised by the quality of the meeting during which they discussed her research project.

Mrs Gabriela V.
(…) I have had several dreams and visions in connection with your school. I have often seen an angel practicing ocular convergence. It even happened to me while I was on the train, as I closed my eyes for just an instant. Phosphenism seems to have really “taken a hold” of me. I cannot find the appropriate expression.

Gisele C.
I was sleeping. A loud noise wakes me up. It is dark, there is no light, not even a dim one. I sit down and look around me. I see nothing. I lay down again, raise my eyes and, in the dark, see the Holy Virgin, her hands joined together, praying above me. I am very pleased to see her coming towards me; I thank her for her visit and express my joy. The experience only lasts a few seconds and she leaves. After she has left, I can still perceive three or four women in the dark. I believe they were Saints. I thank them too for their visit that pleased me very much. They do not remain for very long and they follow the Holy Virgin.

Mr Raymond R.
I often perceive the outline of the sun trembling. More rarely, it is the entire sun that does so. When the latter phenomenon is produced, the whirling does not stem from the center of the sun, but is always preceded by a dot of light that seems to whirl on its periphery, and that then spreads towards the center, whether brutally, whether progressively.
Friday night, at around 7 o'clock, I was coming back from my parents by car. The sun was going to set soon and was completely red, so it was possible to look at it. I was looking at it from time to time, when the driving allowed me. At a certain moment, I saw it whirling, one second clockwise, one second counterclockwise. I tried to see what effects would take place, if I practiced physical exercises while I was focusing on the sun: static muscular tensions, lateral and anteroposterior head sways, rotations of the head. None of these exercises had any positive result. On the contrary, they seemed to confuse everything.
On the other hand, I felt like swaying the top part of my body, at a rhythm of one second per side (i.e. synchronized with the sun). Thus, I performed that head sway with a rather reduced amplitude, roughly 15 to 20 centimeters on each side of the axis of the body. I then found that exercise very pleasant and the rotation of the sun seemed maintained by these movements.

Mr Andre M.
After focusing on the rising sun for a minute, I watched a luminous dot on its periphery. Then, I swayed with the top of my body, one second to the left, one second to the right, followed by the point of concentration that rotated next to the sun. The sun itself seemed to darken, to become white, then finally red. I saw some kind of a cloud around it. A white halo was rotating on the periphery of the sun and caused a jolt of the sun. Then, I saw a red crescent that appeared next to the sun, swayed and disappeared, moving up. I then could see 5 red patches that seemed as big as a football, followed by a whistling in my ears.
I had the impression that I was in relation with “the outside” and that a voice wanted to talk to me.
I have forgotten to say that, during an exercise practiced with the setting sun, I saw a great yellow light around the sun that was flashing every second; on the crest of the mountain, over a great distance, there was also a light that seemed reddish and that was rising approximately two meters up. These exercises are admirable and I can feel that the sun fortifies my mind.

Mr Richard S.
 I have only started practicing the exercises of swaying of the point of concentration recently and I am lacking somewhat the vocabulary that would allow me to describe my impressions. Consequently, I am going to try to express myself as clearly as possible.
It was dark outside, but the inside was filled with an opaque brightness that allowed me to make out the outline of the objects. Through the picture window, I could see the stars, one of them in particular, the largest one. After an hour, I briefly saw bright patches moving in the center of the room. I observed the curtain of gauze that undulated lightly and attributed the moving patches to its undulations. In fact, the patches were becoming more and more agitated, though the curtain was perfectly still. I closed my eyes to drive these visions away and when I opened them again, the “shadows” were above my bed.
I then turned my eyes towards the star and it seemed, through the gauze of the curtain, to have the shape of a cross with spiky branches and a circle in the center. I would not have been so surprised if, after having contemplated it for a brief moment, I had not seen a bright dot shine on the ceiling of the room. That dot of light did not resemble the phosphene in any way. It was similar to the point of concentration that imposes itself to my mind. It did not matter where I looked, the walls or the ceiling: the dot of light always remained in my field of vision. The shapes that were moving in the room were now very close to me. Violent shivers ran down my spine and I could not control them. I then performed the following silent prayer: if you are wandering souls, if you are seeking the path of the truth, if you are aspiring to live in God's light, look at that dot of light on the ceiling, a symbol of the infinitely small and the infinitely great, and you will find the way that leads to Him. Immediately, the point started to rotate in a spiral towards me, as it was growing bigger. The phosphorescent light passed through me and I was flooded by an intense joy. I had the impression that my body was floating in the void, above my bed. (…) Then, I could still see the light that had flooded me, as a mental image.
I soon felt the need to close my eyes. It was rather like a voice that was not coming from myself, but from these spirits and that suggested that I should close my eyes.

Mr Andre M.
 On August 28th at 9:30 pm, I was sitting in my garden on a folding stool. The summer sky was still blue, though I could already see the stars. I was practicing the following exercise: I was visualizing sparks rising from my perineum, then a yellow light rising up to the top of my torso; then, sparks that exited through the top of my head and that spread in the cosmos, forming a great circle.
While I was practicing that exercise, my eyes were fixed on the sky. At the moment when the sparks were settling in the cosmos, a star detached itself from the sky on my left, and came towards me. It then exploded producing several colors: green, pink and yellow, forming a circle roughly three and a half meters wide. That was the first time in my life that I saw such a thing. I enjoyed it greatly and my impression, at that moment, was that I was asked to work with the cosmos.

Joseph S.
 (…) I focused my attention on a star, a very beautiful star. I soon realized that it was different from the others. It seemed to shine more and I could not get my eyes off it. Suddenly, it seemed to move closer to me and then back to its original position, at a very specific rhythm (it is impossible for me to describe the phenomenon more precisely). I stopped focusing when it appeared even larger, giving me the strange impression that it was approaching the earth considerably and very fast.

Serge G.
 I have experienced several phenomena of clairaudience, generally early in the morning, in the state of half-sleep: - a crystalline female voice - a very airy musical note, like a harp - several sounds – chimes

Christiane V.
 During a training course, we experimented with the gustatophene. We did a phosphene and then tried to remember the taste of a food of our choice, for me it was chocolate. After switching the lamp off, and much to my surprise, I found myself going through my personal history with chocolate.
When I was 19-years-old, I had a jaundice, caused by eating too much chocolate. Then back at the age of 4 of 5-years-old, I saw myself in my mother's kitchen, in front of a cupboard where my mother had hidden a chocolate egg. And so on, the phosphene allowed me to realize the relations I have had with chocolate throughout my life.

 I have tried the exercise of cycle-inducing breathing, in order to prepare myself for a training course. I visualized a circular movement in my torso. I can say I have had surprising results. After a few minutes, my rhythm accelerated, accelerated more and more, and I felt something that was similar to an orgasm in my chest. That is the best way I can describe that very, very pleasant phenomenon.

 For several nights, I have had dreams of flying…
And last night, a terrible experience, a sensation of physical annihilation… and illumination…
I suddenly felt an unbelievably powerful current overrunning me, rushing from my heart to my head, an energy that was increasing, amplifying itself, a thousand times more intense than an orgasm. I was overwhelmed to such an extend that I emitted a rattle before collapsing, panting and strengthless… It was at that moment that a white light, shining like the sun though it was not blinding, seemed to explode in my head and in my field of vision.

 After having a short night (which, decidedly, seems to be a factor that triggers experiences) when I got up in the morning, I decided to practice a session of observation of my visual chaos, adding the acouphene.
After approximately half-an-hour, I was suddenly overrun by VERY STRONG shivers and vibrations in my whole body. I also heard a loud buzzing sound…
This was followed by music (classical). It suddenly resonated in my head for a whole minute!
I decided to interrupt the experiment, so I could verify that the music was not produced by my neighbor. Nothing!
I resumed the exercise and, a few minutes later, the classical music came back!
Those were my first results with the acouphene.

 Sometimes, when I do phosphenes, I see faces that appear and look at me, or a swarming crowd with tiny faces (it's unbelievable how much can fit into a phosphene!). Otherwise, I have seen the hollow trunk of a tree, 400 meters high, through which I could see the sky. I also regularly see magnificent mandalas. It is a shame that I do not know how to draw them.

 I would like to share the pleasant surprises that I have had with the phosphenes. Twice, the periphery of my phosphene was modified and a flower stemmed out of it. Some writing passed through the phosphene, from right to left, though I could not decipher it. A crystal appeared in my phosphene. I have noticed that I feel an intense well-being approximately thirty minutes after the session, a feeling of beautiful lightness, a feeling of happiness and joy.
I am very happy with these early results; my dreams also feel more real and contain more colors.