on Daniel STIENNON

Thierry L.
The Power of Inner Energy

The energy that Daniel Stiennon transmitted to me produced an intense experience.
He had asked me to channel the energy in my Muladhara chakra. I had the sensation that the energy was ready to explode like a volcano in eruption. I endeavored to contain that energy before it could free itself, but I experienced difficulties.
When that took place, I did not have any more perceptions of my physical body. I had the impression that I was wrapped up in cotton wool and I did not have any more control on my thoughts.
„Where am I?‟ I shouted interiorly.
The perceptions were deliciously pleasant and I wanted the experience to last much longer. Half-an-hour is really too short!!
During the night that followed the advanced continuing training course, I had a contact with Dr LEFEBURE.
Did I pick up one of Dr LEFEBURE's electrons? Was it transmitted by Daniel? That will remain a mystery. At any rate, Daniel really has a lot of energy.

Philippe D.
A Phenomenon of Illumination: a luminous tunnel leading to a contact with the divine

During the night that followed the advanced continuing training course, near 5 am, I was awakened by a supernatural light, while I was deeply asleep.
I could not help opening my eyes, as I thought: „who has just switched the light on?‟
But I was on my own.
In an instant, I remembered that Daniel had told us about the effects of neurological energy discharges in the field of vision, a phenomenon called „illumination‟ that leads to higher states of consciousness.
I closed my eyes again, tried to calm down and observe my field of vision.
The light remained present, slightly less intense, but still very present. I observed it and I felt that I was attracted by it, together with a very pleasant sensation of vertigo. I had the sensation that I was moving forwards inside a tunnel, towards the LIGHT.
I could not say why, but I have the feeling that I touched something that was Divine and at the same time an emanation of Creation.
It was as if that light was my existence and that it was connected to God.

Jean Pascal D.
A Dazzling Light

Am I conscious or is that a dream? I feel my heartbeat slowing down. But, is it my heartbeat or my double's?
I try to find out, but I do not have much time for wondering. I am interrupted by a sudden flash of light that crosses my field of vision, followed by a dazzling light.
I then feel that I am sucked up in a tunnel of light and I say to myself: „Would that light permit contact with God?‟
Eventually, I wake up. I am enchanted by what has just happened to me.
And, as Daniel had taught us recently how to use that light to nourish consciousness, I form a point of concentration that quickly harmonizes itself with the rhythm of my field of vision.
I then feel carried by pleasant sensations and I endeavor to abandon myself to them.
That was a fantastic experience that I shall never forget.

Patricia R.
Conscious Dreaming

I am conscious in my dream. I run, I jump, I dash forward, trying to take off. Every time, that is a delicate and thrilling moment.
Sometimes, I can't run fast enough. Every step is difficult and I know that I have not practiced enough Rhythmo-Phosphenic exercises.
When everything goes on well, the experience is great.
It always starts the same way (maybe I unconsciously wish so): I am running in the grass and, when I consider that I am going fast enough, I jump and take off. The scenery unfolds under me. I avoid losing too much altitude so that there is no risk of interrupting the experience.
Then, I practice the exercise of concentration on a detail.
As soon as I feel that my flying speed is diminishing or that I am losing altitude, I enter a whirling movement. I then become stable again and observe the sensations. They are really unbelievable.
Every time, the sensations are so powerful that they end up waking me up. I use the occasion to observe my field of vision full of light.
Before going back to sleep, I describe the experience in a loud voice (I have a voice-controlled recorder). When I listen to it the following day, it helps impregnating me a bit more, increasing my chances of producing that kind of experience.
That way, my subconscious understands what it is that I am seeking, as that type of experience really is very pleasant. That is what I am after, and I want to provoke those perceptions as often as I can during the night, because they're Great!
Thank you, Daniel for opening my eyes to the light that has changed my life.